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My Philosophy & Approach to Astrology:


As a practitioner of both Western and Vedic astrology, I combine findings from both systems to offer a complete perspective. I find that each system has its own merits and works well in different areas of a person’s life.


I like to start by analyzing the birth chart using Western astrology to provide some insights into a person's disposition and temperament. This forms the basis of knowing oneself and understanding your own foundation. I layer on Vedic astrology tools, such as yogas (planetary combinations) for insights into key areas on one's life.

I approach the predictive analysis by utilizing multiple Dasas (Planetary Periods), gochars (transits), other Vedic astrology tools as necessary. I also review the transits, progressions, arcs and tools available in the Western Astrology toolkit as applicable.

My main focus is research in both Western and Vedic Astro Sciences. I have been blessed to received many accurate predictions from astrologers while growing up in India and wanted to return that favor to others who are in need of guidance. 



  • Initial Reading (1 to 1.5 hours)

  • Follow up readings for existing clients (~45 mins)


Please note: due to my busy schedule, readings may take up to a month to setup. I appreciate your patience and hope it will be worth the wait to have a unique holistic reading. I consider the reading as a way to further my research. Please contact me to learn more.

Lessons/ workshops: 

Group lessons: None scheduled at this time. Please watch the ‘Astrology Resources’ section for upcoming events. 

Individual lessons: None offered at this time. Do feel free to reach out to me via the ‘Contact’ page for individual needs. I might be able to assist you with resources, other good teachers, courses etc.

Please follow on Instagram for the latest updates - @ramya_astro. Thank you!

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