I hail from a family steeped in Indian traditions including astrology and was exposed to many astrological terms, and concepts at a young age. Despite my family’s staunch belief in astrology, I never thought I would study it one day. For those who don’t know much about the Indian way of life, astrologers play a crucial part in almost all life events and prepare you for what is to come. 


Jyotish (Science of light), is considered a part of the Vedas (Ancient Indian scriptures). Jyotish represents the ‘eyes’ of the Vedas as they allow us to see what fate may be in store for us, and help prepare and manage the outcome better.

I apply Vedic concepts to the Vedic chart and the Western concepts to the Western chart. I combine findings from both to offer a complete perspective

Each system has its own merits and works well in different areas of a person’s life. My main focus is research in both Western and Vedic Astro Sciences. I have been blessed to received many accurate predictions from astrologers while growing up in India and wanted to return that favor to others who are in need of guidance. 

II Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah II