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List of Vedic Astrology Resources

Online Resources (these websites/books are not mine - I am simply recommending them as good places to get a start on learning more about Vedic astrology.)


  1. Light on Life: An Introduction to the Astrology of India By Hart De Fouw & Dr Robert Svoboda (Good starter book for those wishing to study Indian astrology)

  2. Golden Keys to Jyotish By Marc Boney (Insights into the evaluation of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ planets for each Ascendant)

  3. My Experiences in Astrology – BV Raman (Book filled with interesting anecdotes about Indian astrology)

  4. Books by K N Rao – for more advanced subjects

  5. Books by Marc Boney – well written case studies for advanced concepts.


  1. Videos of Kapiel Raaj on vedic astrology – entertaining, quick look at some of the key concepts

  2. Videos by Ryan Kurczak – 50 easy tutorials on vedic astrology concepts.

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